Visser H Window

The Visser H Window is a specialised product of Timmerfabriek Visser. With a special scissor construction the window fully tilts, making it possible to clean the outside from the inside. The Visser H Window has two at-rest positions and a fail safety. Furthermore, the Visser H Window is stormproof and offers an excellent insulation. Because we deliver customised services, a Visser H Window can be fitted easily in both modern and traditional built houses and office buildings.


How does an H Window work

The secret lies in a special type of window hinge, a Norwegian patented fining. This window hinge makes it possible to completely tilt the window to the outside. Not a single piece of window comes through to the inside, therefore you will have no problems with plants on the window sill or curtains and screens. Cleaning windows on both sides can now be done very easily from the inside.

Possibily even smarter is the safety pin that automatically interlocks the window. Even quick children’s hands will not succeed in further opening the window. To unlock the interlock and further open the window you need two hands. In the at-rest position the H Window is burglar proof. The window is also stormproof when completely extended. It can not blow open any further.

Where to apply

The possible applications are almost unlimited, but the Visser H Window works best on hard-to-reach places from the outside, on the ground floor or on a level. Such as a dormer window or houseboat. It also offers a perfect solution for replacing two other small windows, french casement windows, pivoting windows or sliding windows. In many cases this is also a cheaper solution.

Quality beyond question

Visser H Windows meet the highest Dutch standards of windows. A test carried out in Delft proved that the window meets the requirements of norm K 100, meaning that the window is wind and waterproof up to 100 metres near the coast. The text “Spilka patent Norway" on every window hinge guarantees the authenticity.

The showroom revelation

To give a good view of the unique H Window system, we glady welcome you at the Visser showroom in Zaandam. Come admire the many versions, perhaps together with your architect, contractor or carpenter.

Visser H Window
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