Timmerfabriek Visser

Detailed reliable custom-made service

Timmerfabriek Visser is well-informed about past and present carpentry. This applies in particular to window frames, windows, doors, staircases, sliding doors, railings and framework. For new housing or renovation projects, Timmerfabriek Visser makes everything out of wood according to your wishes. Quality comes first.

You probably have personal wishes regarding wood types, construction and measurements. No problem! At Timmerfabriek Visser everything is made perfectly detailed and specifically for you!

Visser H Window

Visser H Window: safe and extremely well-insulated. In addition, Timmerfabriek Visser is licensed manufacturer of the renowned Visser H Window for the Netherlands. A strong, safe and extremely well-insulated window with a unique scissor construction which makes it possible to clean the outside of the window from the inside. The Visser H Window fits very well in both modern and traditional built houses and office buildings.

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