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About us

Center of the timber trade

The Zaan region has traditionally been the global center of the timber trade and woodworking. Over the years, countless beautiful and tasteful wooden buildings have been built. The knowledge required for this was always available in abundance. New times brought new developments. For example, the requirements regarding carpentry became considerably stricter; insulation and draft sealing took on an increasingly important role.


Family business

In 1932, the family business K. Visser en Zonen settled in the Zaan region. Father Visser and his sons developed a unique working concept: by combining the wishes and ideas of the parties involved, a beautiful, high-quality end product was created.

Timmerfabriek Visser

On January 1, 2007, the family business continued as Timmerfabriek Visser, continued by Roel Scholtens.

Because the Visser brothers remained closely involved in the company, they can still rely on their many years of expertise and experience. Restoration work is the common thread in the company. Customization has also become a specialty.