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In past centuries the Zaanstreek area was the global centre of the wood industry and wood processing for a long time. Numerous beautiful and tasteful construction works have risen over the years. The required knowledge was therefore always abundant. New times brought new developments. Requirements of carpentry tightened considerably: insulation and draught-exclusion became more important.

Since 1932, Timmerfabriek Visser is based in the Zaanstreek area. Restoration work has been the guiding principle in our company. Slowly we developed a unique working concept. We are always open to wishes and ideas, both from the architect and contractor as well as the customer. This brings us a lot of work and, by adapting our techniques to the work situation, we continue to deliver a good product. We pay special attention to the carpentry of doorframes, windows, doors, staircases and framework. This means you can always rely on our years of expertise and experience.

Family business

Timmerfabriek Visser is a true family business. As of 1st January 2007, the family business has been continued by Roel and Sabina Scholtens. Timmerfabriek Visser always strives for the highest quality. Our team consists of experienced professionals who enjoy the carpentry and always deliver the best quality. Our people know the tricks of the trade and the possibilities of the materials. For both restoration and new construction projects you can contact Timmerfabriek Visser.

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Please call us at +31 (0)75 6177984.

About us
About us
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